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Tangent Research Announces Web-based Gateway to
Artificial Intelligence System

FuzzBox™ Technology Allows Users and Devices to Access
Distributed Peer-to-Peer Artificial Intelligence System


Frederick, Maryland, July 25, 2001 - Tangent Research announced today the beta version release of FuzzBox™, a web accessible gateway to an artificial intelligence system formed by a network of computers and microprocessors using proprietary peer-to-peer connectivity and distributed processing algorithms and methods developed by Tangent Research.

FuzzBox™ allows a user or device anywhere in the world to have access to artificially intelligent software, while using a web browser, mobile phone, or PDA connected to the Internet. The system learns to make real-time decisions based on user inquiries and dynamic environmental scenarios.

"This marks an important advancement of next generation devices and software," said Hans Scharler, inventor and Vice-President of Research at Tangent Research. "We are only beginning to fully understand how this technology will take us from science fiction to science reality. The ability to have artificial intelligence embedded on any system connected to the Internet fascinates us, and propels our dedication to creating practical artificial intelligence."

The current application of the web-deployable software acts as a search engine that allows users to search through databases and websites with results predicted by a learning curve of use for increased relevance to the user. Spending time with the system allows the software agent to make better decisions and mine data more effectively for its user.

As noted by Rob Dawson, President of Tangent Research, "FuzzBox™ technology will be available for commercial demonstration and licensing in the next few months. We are testing the technology in a number of communication devices, network elements, search engine scenarios, and prediction systems."

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