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Tangent Research Announces EVENTRAX System Release for
Homeland Defense

Event tracking system announced to the public and demonstrated at ARMTech 2002 Showcase of Industry & Technology in Kittanning, Pennsylvania


FREDERICK, MD -- Aug 8, 2002 -- Tangent Research Corporation (www.tangentresearch.com) announced the release of the EVENTRAX™ technology suite at the ARMTech 2002 Showcase of Industry & Technology in Kittanning, Pennsylvania in early August 2002.

EVENTRAX™ is a patent-pending technology to provide real-time processing of signal feedback from a minimal number of sensors to determine precise three-dimensional event position, speed, and orientation. Events include seismic activity, ordnance detonation, whale vocalizations, and other mechanical and electromagnetic wave-creating phenomenon. EVENTRAX™ allows for the enhancement of existing position-based systems, the creation of next generation surveillance technologies, and the implementation of early-warning detection systems to further homeland security initiatives.

“The advanced signal processing behind EVENTRAX™ allows for application transparency – every day our team discovers ways to improve existing technologies or create new ones based on the research,” said Hans Scharler, Vice President of Research at Tangent Research.

The ARMTech Showcase is a technology tradeshow for companies with interests in Western Pennsylvania to demonstrate their technologies and talents in front of the public, as well as their peers. Some of the largest defense contractors in the world such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon attended the show. The Armstrong County Department of Planning and Development in conjunction with the office of Congressman John P. Murtha from Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District sponsored the show.

“It was a great honor to demonstrate EVENTRAX™ and its homeland defense applications to Congressman Murtha and his staff,” continued Hans Scharler.

"We are very excited to have the opportunity to launch our new technology initiatives based on the EVENTRAX™ technology suite and felt it was well received at the show,” said Rob Dawson, President of Tangent Research. “We plan to roll out several new applications and announce contracts based on the technology during the remainder of 2002. EVENTRAX™ is the first of many innovations we will demonstrate in the coming months as we continue to promote our vision of technological convergence."

About Tangent Research

Founded in early 2001, Tangent Research Corporation is a privately held company headquartered in Frederick, Maryland that develops cutting-edge technologies, identifies global market opportunities, and provides the necessary guidance to capitalize on potential government and commercial applications. The core suite of technologies developed by Tangent Research addresses the need for autonomous operation, anytime access to critical information from any device, and early-warning detection and tracking of events through optimized sensor-based signal processing. Tangent Research has led to the development of several innovations spanning theoretical physics and mathematics, acoustics, communications, electronic security, energy and power, environmental and geological sciences, and intelligent applications and robotics with publications and patents-pending. The technology enhances the functionality of existing and planned systems and Tangent Research is open to joint development and licensing arrangements to maximize other system's capabilities. Additionally, Tangent Research offers services such as business development, system integration and design, and outsourced engineering and research and development.

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