Tangent Research

Tangent Research offers new and exciting innovations developed in-house by our research scientists and engineers and set to a plan by our business professionals.

EVENTRAX EVENTRAX™ is a technology to provide for intelligent acoustic and event positioning and tracking in 3-dimensions with precision. Systems can track any mechanical or electromagnetic wave-creating event for 2-D and 3-D positioning, speed, direction, and orientation in real-time from a minimal amount of sensors.
FuzzBox FuzzBox™ is intelligent, real-time decision making functionality built on core MissingLINK™ communications technology that allows simple devices and remote users to access intelligent resources from other systems and peers. The system logs and profiles user interaction for optimized repeat usage and security. Applications include search engines, database management, prediction systems, and autonomic networking.
MissingLINK MissingLINK™ is a customizable technology solution which allows for unlike devices to communicate efficiently in real-time. Users can remotely manage servers and equipment, collect sensor feedback, and access information from any device, anywhere in the world.

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